Thursday, April 3, 2008

Week 2

Well, I have made it through my second week in South Africa. I have definitely had several "This Is Africa" moments since I've been here. First, going to the game preserve next to the park and seeing a rhino walk in front of the car. Second, going to the hospital for one child to have blood drawn and prescription filled and waiting for 8 hours. TIA.
I am finally learning some names and I am really starting to connect with some of the kids. They are so full of life and so funny. Also, so naughty. I have learned that VERY quickly. But I love them all already.
The area that I am in is so beautiful. Huge, green hills, beautiful sunsets, and at night you can see tons of stars. It's such a contrast to all of the poverty and suffering that you see in the area where we are; many of the children here are such an example of the toll that sin has taken on the world. But it's so beautiful to see the love here at Lily and the kindness of people from the community who work here. I have already seen how hope in Christ is making a difference to people in this area, even in circumstances that I cannot fathom living through.
So several of you have asked for my address here. There's two, one for letters and one for anything else:
For letters ONLY: (I've been told nothing else would actually make it to me)
Sarah Underwood
c/o Lily of the Valley
PO Box 508
Cato Ridge, 3603
Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

For anything else: (this is the main Lily administrative office in a bigger town)
Sarah Underwood
c/o Lily of the Valley
PO Box 185
Gillitts, 3603
Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Thanks again for all the prayers and encouragement since I've been here. Hopefully I can post some pictures soon!


James said...

I'm glad I finally got your mailing address :). I can now send you episodes of Lost!

Love you!

Janet said...

Hey Sweetie!!
I am so glad things are going well!
I knew the children would love you. Can't wait to see the pictures. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday! Love you!!
Mom xoxo

Claire said...

It's just amazing to hear your description of the land there. You think dry and stick-like trees when you think Africa. How precious those children must be and what a blessing you have to be with them. Looking forward to pictures! <3