Tuesday, June 9, 2009

and i meant to add....

I have so many college baseball related things to be elated about! Ole Miss bites it again!!!! Southern Miss Eagles to the Top! and Geeeeaaauuuux Tigers!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

i have an announcement.

We are in the single digits. I see Ben in 9 days. And he leaves Lily this Sunday. Please throw up a prayer for his safe travel, his dislocated shoulder, his ear infection, and patience for his girlfriend who has to wait 9 more days. Also, when you see/meet him, please ask him immediately how the food was in Africa.

Been reading a lot about North Korea in the news lately, and I wanted to share this documentary that Natalie told me about made by the BBC about the situation of children there. Please take the 45 minutes to watch it; this helps shed some light on what's really going on inside that closed country.

If you google "Children of the Secret State", the fourth hit is a blog of someone- apparently a big fan of communism- who refers to it as a propaganda film and says the homeless orphans look "healthy enough". Hmm.