Thursday, February 21, 2008

4 weeks!!!

A post for good measure, seeing as I'm a short month away from leaving. Since my last post, I have applied for my visa (much more trouble than I expected), signed my missionary service agreement (found that notary!), and biggest of all, raised nearly all my support. My friends, my parents' friends, and my church family have given to me so generously; I came home from Nashville and it was all just waiting for me. I have completely forgotten about renewing my BLS and PALS until I read my last blog, so this thing has been useful after all.
The reality of being away from my friends, family, home, and Chickfila for 10 months is starting to sink in. I think James and my mom are both going to visit while I'm think they can get a number one with a sweet tea through customs?

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Friday, February 1, 2008

just to update

As most of you know, I'm home, and things are going well. I started working at the childcare center at my mom's church, which has been so fun. It keeps me busy but is still flexible and not stressful at all. It's nice to have a few weeks to be around healthy babies that just want to snuggle! They don't cry when I come near them or anything!
I spoke to my church, Grace Bible, last Sunday and it went so well. (I think, I don't remember anything I actually said). But my church is going to give me a huge chunk of my support, which was so encouraging. God is faithful. I can see the finish line now!
So what I have left to do is: send in my application for my South African visa, which I know I need to do but I really don't want to get passport photos taken; send in my missionary service agreement, which involves me tracking down a notary; figure out what date I'm actually leaving; get my anti-malarial prescription filled; renew my BLS and PALS so I don't have to worry about that when I come back; raise about $3,000 more dollars; decide where I'm applying to grad school; and actually apply! That's all!
Other than the first thing, I'm probably not doing any of that this week because Sunday I'm going to Nashville! So if you're there, and you're reading this, I want to see you! I'll be there for about a week so I will have lots of lots of times I'll need to eat.

Shout out to my LOST friends: Umm....last night did not answer anything and really stressed me out. The Oceanic Six? SIX?