Thursday, February 21, 2008

4 weeks!!!

A post for good measure, seeing as I'm a short month away from leaving. Since my last post, I have applied for my visa (much more trouble than I expected), signed my missionary service agreement (found that notary!), and biggest of all, raised nearly all my support. My friends, my parents' friends, and my church family have given to me so generously; I came home from Nashville and it was all just waiting for me. I have completely forgotten about renewing my BLS and PALS until I read my last blog, so this thing has been useful after all.
The reality of being away from my friends, family, home, and Chickfila for 10 months is starting to sink in. I think James and my mom are both going to visit while I'm think they can get a number one with a sweet tea through customs?

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Claire said...

Hey! I was going to come by this past Wed, but my time ran short. We still need to do something. Give me a call...I won't be in town next weekend b/c I'm going to see my parents. BTW, I love the link titles! OH and I almost had gastrograph thrown on me the other stuff.

carey said...

Hey, we ended up joining Crosspoint Community Church. We absolutely love it. You can check out their website... Good luck with all of your last minute prep and can't wait to read about your journey in Africa!

Kysers said...

Ms. Sarah, We love you and miss you already. I just so sad that your time with us is over! I just want to cry. But I am excited to read about what God will be doing in your life in Africa. Sarah-Marie misses you already!! We'll be praying for you.