Tuesday, December 11, 2007

gettin' the ball rollin'!

Hey Everybody!
So, in general I am a terrible blogger/journal keeper but I am going to try to be better this time around. I have a feeling the things I'm going to be learning over the next year are going to be more important than any time I've tried to do this before (see: 3rd grade trip to Disneyworld recorded in Lisa Frank diary). I have no idea if anyone will actually read this though, so if you do and you leave me a comment every now and again it would be appreciated. :)

Everything seems to be coming right along with my plans to head to Africa in March. It has been a slightly stressful month between trying to get things done for the trip while resigning from my job at Vanderbilt, which I love, and getting ready to move back home for a few weeks before I go. But I got my immunizations (ouch), am making progress on all the paperwork, and have started sending out support letters this week which in itself has felt like a big hurdle. The most encouraging thing that has happened this week was getting my first contribution, which was incredibly generous and humbling and reminded me that maybe God could handle this, after all.

I hope everyone's holiday season/end of semester is going well! I'll be updating when I have something interesting to say (which is debatable I guess!).

Sunday, November 18, 2007

getting started

This should be an adventure!