Wednesday, May 20, 2009

there are roads left in both of our shoes...

I may have taken so long to update this blog that no one's even checking for updates anymore, but if you are...hi!

If you get a chance, read Ben's last couple of blog entries to see what's been going on at Lily. This has been so, so heavy on my heart over the last month or so. I've talked about this so much over the last couple of weeks that I don't feel like there's much more I can say, think, or feel about it. It's hard to see God's hand in all of this, but I'm praying that I can have hope through it anyway. Thinking about it so much has really been draining on my heart and mind, which is why...

I've chosen to blog about something completely meaningless that made me laugh. Yesterday I was unable to resist clicking on an article on titled "Jessica Biel: It's Hard Being Beautiful". (Those kind of stories always amuse me- some talk show I was watching one time was talking about a similar story and said, "Other burdens the actress has to bear are good health and parents who love her." Ha.) Anyway, Jessica Biel (from the first couple of seasons of the tv show 7th Heaven, a virtual puppy mill of master thespians) was complaining about how sometimes she doesn't get work because she's too pretty. This just tickled me to death. I was trying to imagine how she thinks those conversations between casting directors must go:
"Oh, Jessica Biel, she's SO talented...."
"Oh, she's been in so many things, like ummm....that movie about the magician...that... wasn't as good as The Prestige."
"She is amazing. But we don't usually like to put attractive people in movies. She's just too beautiful, people may not want to look at her."
"You're right. We need someone uglier. What's Angelina Jolie up to?"
Whatever gets her by, I suppose.

Vaguely related to that, I'm going to be in California 4 weeks from today!

Things I've been up to the past month:
1) Sleeping during the daytime.
2) Not going to church. I'm not supposed to work every weekend, so why am I always always there?
3) Only being halfway successful in my efforts to keep 2 plants alive.
4) Exercising in Centennial Park every nice day I'm not working.
5) Rereading Harry Potter book 1-7, which I thought would take me a while, but I started about 2 1/2 weeks ago and am already in book 6.
6) Discovering and loving, way behind the curve.
7) Trying to drink my daily 8 glasses of water and failing Every. Single. Day.
8) Spending quality time with Miss Palmer.
9) Seeing Death Cab for Cutie at the Ryman. Oh, so good.
10) Not blogging.
11) Wishing June 17th would hurry up.
12) Trying to catch up on my devotions. I bought a chronological Bible, which I was pretty psyched about, until I got stuck for weeks in cubits, censuses, and divisions of land amongst the 12 tribes.
13) Renewing my PALS certification, running 2 mock codes, and successfully saving the lives of 2 limbless mannequin children. Being a hero, basically.
14) Praying for Lily with Natalie.
15) Finding reasons not to vaccum.

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. (Ex 14:14)