Sunday, April 5, 2009

sweet home alabama...

Last week I had a 6 day stretch off of work and I took advantage of that time to go to the beach with my mom. I drove down to Gulf Shores and stayed for a couple of days, and the weather was great and it was relaxing and wonderful. If I happened to have children, and they happened to be with me on this trip, I definitely could have taken advantage of the various signs I saw to teach a little grammar lesson. South Alabama in particular seems to have some difficulty with the apostrophe. For example, "Tan's Unlimited"? Wrong. "Carl's Premium Deer Processing"? Correct! "Linda's Psychic Reading's"? Almost, but not quite. "World of Outlaws Southern Motor Speedway"? There we go! "DVD's Due By Noon"? No, but "Spear Hunting Museum"? Umm . . .well there's no opportunity for an apostrophe there but I just wanted to point out that there is an actual spear hunting museum outside of Foley. There's a painting on the front with a man in camo holding a spear.

To anyone at work who might be jealous of my time at the beach, rest assured that my patients the night I came back were more than enough punishment for my good time.