Monday, June 8, 2009

i have an announcement.

We are in the single digits. I see Ben in 9 days. And he leaves Lily this Sunday. Please throw up a prayer for his safe travel, his dislocated shoulder, his ear infection, and patience for his girlfriend who has to wait 9 more days. Also, when you see/meet him, please ask him immediately how the food was in Africa.

Been reading a lot about North Korea in the news lately, and I wanted to share this documentary that Natalie told me about made by the BBC about the situation of children there. Please take the 45 minutes to watch it; this helps shed some light on what's really going on inside that closed country.

If you google "Children of the Secret State", the fourth hit is a blog of someone- apparently a big fan of communism- who refers to it as a propaganda film and says the homeless orphans look "healthy enough". Hmm.


Claire said... get to see the boy! :-) Be sure that when you bring him around here you call me...I want to meet him!

Claire said...

BTW...I feel for him...ear infections are miserable. Tell him to TRY and pop that ear before he gets on the plane or it may do it for him and do more than pop it!