Saturday, April 19, 2008

miss sarah, your eyes are the color of a frog....

Oh the glory that the Lord has made

I've been at Lily for 4 weeks now, which seems unreal. I'm definitely starting to settle in and get used to my surroundings, and I'm doing my best to learn about 120 Zulu names along with some words that I've found are important (such as, stop! Come here! Go! Move! Sit Down!no! As anyone who works with kids may imagine).
In the past week or so I have had not one but two run-ins with the law. The first one was being threatened (along with Naomi, my AIM coordinator) by the Lesotho border guard to be thrown into prison for taking a picture of the 'Welcome to Lesotho' sign on the side of a metal shack that was apparently a government building. My bad. The second was when one of the Lily vehicles broke down on the side of the road on the way back from church and a policeman stopped and gave us a ride back to Lily. Dave, who's in charge of the Lily Community Center rode up front while his daughter Jordan, our manager Sungmin, Naomi, my roommate Lani and I rode locked up in the back of the police truck. It was pretty amusing and hopefully my one and only ride in police custody.
Out of lack of interesting stories, here are things I appreciate much more after being here for a month (in no particular order):
two ply toilet paper
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
living in a place without roosters
fabric softener
milk that doesn't taste weird
cheese that doesn't taste weird

I really, really would like to post some pictures but it's not working! Sigh.

and the complications when I see His face in the morning at the window


Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you, Sarah! Glad you're not writing from within prison walls - had us worried for a second! I'm sure the ride home was as close as you want to get! I imagine the list of things both missed & appreciated will get longer as time goes by....(Surprised Chick-fil-a wasn't on it!)
Love you lots! Take care...

Aunt Gayle

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I just this minute learned how to do this. Enjoyed your message but I sure would hate to have to come over and bail you out! Be careful, girl. Sent you an e-mail yesterday. Love you, Maw-Maw

Claire said...

Sarah-belle! I just looked at some pictures of you on facebook...looks like you are having a good time. Africa is beautiful and so are you! I'd miss Reese's too...maybe you could make some of your own. Hmmm! Love and kisses.