Friday, March 20, 2009

there is no better find, than to find myself with you

Happy 1st Day of Spring! Has it been nearly a month since I posted last?

What's been happening this month.....well, I've become nocturnal. (I would like to say that between typing the word "nocturnal" and now I did what I knew what happen sooner or later, and that is setting off my alarm system to my apartment by flinging open my back door to see the sunlight and the beautiful weather. But now I know that it works, and it is incredibly loud. I seriously hope that no one else was home...and as I just typed that sentence I heard a door shut in the building. Sorry neighbors.)

Katie and Natalie, two of my roommates from Lily, came to visit me this week on their respective spring breaks. It was so wonderful to have them here and to talk about the kids, the things we missed and don't miss, the things we learned and are still learning. Natalie and I talked yesterday about how the things I expected to struggle with I never did, and the things I never would have thought would have been problems were. I wouldn't take it back for anything, but all in all I have to say it was probably a different experience than I thought I would have. But on Saturday night after some griping about things that need to change (mostly from me), Nat suggested we pray and we were able to lift up the kids, the leaders, and the volunteers at Lily. (which, I freely admit that sometimes I feel like that's doing "nothing" as if asking God to handle stuff is less effective than me doing it myself. He's so lucky to have me down here taking care of things for Him.)

And then we ate. And ate. Sunday afternoon at the Pancake Pantry (while Katie enjoyed her bacon) we realized Natalie was viewing this as some kind of cultural expedition. I had to explain to her what moonshine was. With enough sweet tea, gorgeous weather, and biscuits from the Loveless Cafe I think she's now a believer in our way of life. And Katie was meant to be Southern all along. She even let me hot roll her hair.

The other night I had a too-cute-for-words 3 year old patient who apparently told his parents after I left the room that I was his girlfriend. Awwww. When I came back in the room they questioned him a little further though and he said "no" when they asked if I was pretty. Low marks for flattery, but high marks for being adorable so I'll keep him anyway.

Yay for LSU and UCLA going to the next round, boo for the Bulldogs getting spanked.

In the next post maybe I'll discuss why all doctors should own their own stethoscopes.

Enjoy the weather!

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Claire said...

Sounds like you've been having fun! Maybe I should come visit sometime before I'm bound to UMC! BTW - I own a has a plum covering. :-)