Saturday, March 21, 2009

he's got a great personality.

When I came back from Africa my friend Steve was quizzing me about my main squeeze, and asked his fairly standard Steve question of, "If someone was going to play him in a movie, which actor would it be?"

I pondered for a few minutes, and on the basis of coloring and a very nice smile I picked this guy:

I know, right?

But due to a recent and unfortunate turn of events, I'm afraid I have to withdraw my nomination and say that my dear boyfriend would now most closely resemble this guy:

That's right, Harry Shearer from A Mighty Wind.


For more details on how this transformation took place, check out Ben's blog linked to the right.


Claire said...

Wow! Um...wouldn't be so bad except for the bushiness of the beard. Wow!

kater said...

touche(accent over e)

Anonymous said...

You nailed it, sweetie! mom

Casey said...

so I have randomly read your blog whenever I read bens and I have kinda felt like a stalker, but now you know that I am reading it! I just coulnt not comment on this post! I couldnt stop laughing and I had to show Aaron as well because that looks sooo much like Ben it is scary!!! (the old guy) :) haha! have a great day!!!