Saturday, August 23, 2008

grace my feet, faith my eyes....

One big difference I've noticed between hospitals at home and hospitals here when I went to visit one of our kids in the hospital is how they treat the parents. There's a room on some of the wards for the moms to sleep at night (the kids are in rooms with 6-8 beds in them). I had to laugh when I noticed this schedule on the door of the moms' sleeping room:

4:30 am- Wake up and make sure you are groomed neatly
5:00- Attend morning devotions with staff
5:30- Clean your sleeping area and make sure the bathroom is clean
6:30-Feed your baby
7:30-Bathe your baby and assist nursing staff with caring for your baby
9:00- Bond with your baby
10:00- Tea
10:30- Doctor's rounds. This is the time you are allowed to ask about the condition of your baby and if there are any changes if the doctor is not too busy.
12:00- Feed your baby

And so on and so forth, including a 9 pm bedtime. Maybe my friends at Vanderbilt should try it and see how it goes over?

In other news, we found a spitting cobra at Lily this week living under the steps of House 10. Not cool. What's even less cool is that he was small, which means he has a cobra family somehwere.

I've added another one of the kids to our chest physio program and he actually loves it. He's been entertaining me every day, especially with his attempts to blow up a balloon. When I was doing chest percussion he said he was going to take a nap because it was very relaxing. He's a trip. This now makes 6 kids who need chest physio three times a week at minimum, and some have been requested to have it every day. I feel like a respiratory therapist all of a sudden!


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Claire said...

Wow...that is quite interesting about the schedule. Might help things a bit for finding parents when you need to talk to them! Kid likes chest therapy, huh? Did you find a new calling?

UAB mom said...

i love the schedule, but i'm not thinking that it would go over very well at vanderbilt. my favorite part is the doctor's rounds! hope things are going well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, I saw on the family web site that today is your birthday. Have a happy birthday! I continue to pray for you and your kids, too.


Ben said...

Hey Sarah,
Can't wait for you to come back to work here at Vandy. You probably won't know but a handful of people.